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Bomma, a step beyond traditional glassmaking designs. It is designed to bring emotion, delight and beauty into spaces, bomma lighting collections combine contemporary design, traditional craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Founded in 2012, Bomma continually brings the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to new and dynamic levels. Bomma moves a step beyond and sets today’s highest standards of glassmaking. All their crystal pieces are hand-made, dancing on the edge of what is humanly and technically possible. Their designed-to-purpose technology lends itself to otherwise unachievable customization and color-blending. 

European decorative lighting

Bomma Glassworks

They are ready and eager to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. Their proprietary technology, modern glassworks facilities and unsurpassed lead-free crystal all work to support that goal. The Bomma team pays the closest attention to every detail – from design, development, prototyping to the final packaging.


Aside from original collections, Bomma designers are open to creative collaborations

and challenging bespoke projects. Thanks to their hi-tech glassworks facility, they are able to design and produce immense lighting crystal installations for all interior spaces.

Bomma Lighting Constellations

Cherishing their main values of original design, high quality and traditional craftsmanship, the Bomma Constellations is a special concept enabling designers to arrange smaller lighting pieces into bold groups. These five Bomma collections, Metamorphosis, Pyrite, Dark & Bright StarLens or Soap Mini, are available to be combined, customized and mixed according to your vision.


Project your boldest creative visions into space- from smaller compositions to immense constellations. 

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